We believe each child who enters Acton Academy will find a calling that changes the world. Our Eagles are independent learners who find great joy in learning, in a tight knit community that upholds the highest standards of excellence.

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Joy + Rigor = Mastery

Joy + Rigor

"Embracing rigor is part of saying 'yes' to a Hero's Journey. Deep learning brings a special sense of joy, but the mastery required for a Hero's Journey goes even further, requiring commitment, discipline and hard work towards a worthy goal."

A school for the 21st century

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Matt Beaudreau

Why I'm starting an Acton

A personal note from our founder, Matt Beaudreau.

Educating our youth (and willing adults, for that matter) is a passion that has fueled my thoughts, and propelled my actions for many years. It’s my role as a father; however, that has made my inherent desire to take action in this arena as vital as taking my next breath.

I’ve physically traveled the country to examine the best schools that our nation currently has to offer. Digitally, I’ve traveled the globe into the educational powerhouses of other countries. I’ve invaded great minds of the past and present, and scoured deep into the hallways, homesteads, and institutions that can be described as nothing less than elite. I can say without reservation, that Acton Academy encompasses and embodies all that any person would want for their children in terms of an educational foundation. My dedication to my own children left me no other option but to make sure they had every opportunity to experience Acton for themselves.

I really only had two choices. I was either moving my family to a location where Acton was already flourishing, or I was going to build one.

It’s time to build.

If you're ready to start your family's journey, join us. If you're curious and just want to ask a question, contact me.